English Made Coffins NFE 2017

About Us

Director of English Made Coffins - Will Mason, is a qualified furniture designer and cabinet maker. After tragically losing three members of his family between 2009 and 2013, Will felt he needed to do something positive during this sombre time. Using his skills and experience to give those he cherished a last gift of love, he designed and made each member of his family a beautifully handcrafted coffin. Through those sad times, many people came expressing their sorrow that they had not been able to give their loved ones such a beautiful coffin.

The coffin is the last resting place for our loved ones, it's where we stand when we say goodbye. It's the last place that we ever see them, this makes the coffin such an important object, the aesthetic and finish should show our feelings and care. It must be right. The coffin is such an important part of your goodbye. This is why we are passionate about what we do.


There are many organisations that can help you through this sad time, offering advice on everything from how to register a death to helping you learn to live with grief. Here are just a few.