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English Made Coffins are handcrafted with care and thought. They provide a beautiful resting place for loved ones. Solid wood, load-bearing bar handles are fitted, making them strong and easily manoeuvrable.

The finishing details on the coffins have been thoughtfully selected to harmonise with the two different styles: The Oval and The Classic. These come in three different wood species: The Oak Tree, The Walnut Tree and The Maple Tree

Our unique designs can not be found anywhere else, due to each coffin carrying a European Community Design Registration Number this means they cannot be manufactured or produced by anyone else.

All of our coffins are suitable for both burial & cremation.​

The Classic

The Classic coffin is a contemporary take on a traditional coffin shape. The subtle detailing shows the quality craftsmanship that has been put into the making of our coffins.

The Oval

The Oval coffin is a modern concept for coffin design, with its organic elliptical shape and delicate detailing.

This coffin has a more minimalist style.

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