English Made Coffins have chosen the butterfly as inspiration for their coffins due to their strong symbolism of the soul and the process of bringing new life, be that spiritually or emotionally. In Native American Culture the butterfly is a symbol of transformation and happiness. Butterflies are an emblem in many cultures for letting go of fears, nurturing and healing.


As a result we have created the Keepsake Butterfly. These are attached to the coffin with a simple pin system, allowing you to remove them after the funeral service to take home with you to keep in loving memory. The butterflies come in either Fiddleback Maple or Black Boulevard, these keepsakes can be so important to us as we experience grieving and healing.

Additionally we can apply hand-finished gold dust decorations, with a choice of butterflies, elephants & feathers, however if you have any particular request please do not hesitate to ask. These delicate decorations can help to soften what can be a daunting object.

The coffins come with a personalised book, giving you the opportunity to write a personal message for your loved one. These books are handcrafted so that we can add your chosen inscription, this will need to include name and date of death. You can also add poems, quotes or any personal message you would like.


Book shaped nameplate
Keepsake butterflies
Butterfly Bud Mount
Butterfly Bud Mount
Gold Dust Feather Decoration
Gold Dust Elephant Decoration
Gold Dust Butterfly Decoration
Gold Dust Butterfly Decoration
Book shaped nameplate
Book shaped nameplate with poem
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