Frequently Asked Questions

Are your coffins suitable for burial or cremation?

All of our coffins are suitable for burial and cremation. They have also been tested in accordance with Marchwood Scientific Services Ltd (MSSL) and been issued a certificate of conformity for both the Oval and the Classic Coffin ranges, certifying that they are in accordance with the Coffin and Casket Testing Protocol developed by the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Association (FFMA)

How do I purchase an English Made Coffin?

Please use our 'How To Order' Steps to help you individualise your order, once you have made your selection you can order by phone or via email. Alternatively please ask your funeral director to place your order for an English Made Coffin and they will then get in touch with us directly. If you have any problems when trying to order an English Made Coffin please contact us - and we will be happy to assist you. If you are arranging a funeral without the assistance of a funeral director please contact us directly.

How much is an English Made Coffin & what's included?

Every English Made Coffin comes delivered as complete package, this includes;

· Solid wood weight bearing handles

· Fully lined with a choice of six colour linings

· A built in pillow headrest

· A personalised book shaped nameplate

· One keepsake butterfly

· One hand-finished gold dust decoration

The Adult Collection is priced at £1250, this includes VAT & Delivery to the UK, excluding The Highlands & Northern Ireland.

If you have any issues when trying to place an order for an English Made Coffin through a Funeral Service provider please contact us -

How long is the delivery time?

We will deliver our coffins to the UK (excluding The Highlands & NI) within 5 days on confirmation of your order.

Do you make children's coffins?

Currently we make a 4' & 5' childrens coffin called 'The Ark' The Ark comes with four Keepsake Butterflies and one hand-finished gold dust decoration included in the price of the coffin. This coffin is priced at £446, this includes VAT & delivery to the UK, excluding The Highlands & Northern Ireland The Ark comes in fiddleback maple only.

Do you make larger sized coffins?

Currently the largest coffin we make is 6'4" x 22"

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