Once you have made your selection you can order online, by phone or via email.

Alternatively please ask your funeral director to place your order for a English Made Coffin and they will then get in touch with us directly. 

If you experience any issues when trying to order a English Made Coffin please contact us on

01568 620280 or by email office@englishmadecoffins.co.uk   and we will be happy to assist you. 

If you are arranging a funeral without the assistance of a funeral director please contact us directly.

Please view our online catalogue to see each coffin and all of the decoration we can provide. 

When ordering a English Made Coffin simply follow the steps below.

Step 1 -  Choose Shape

The Oval

The Classic

Step 2 -  Choose Species

Step 3  -  Choose Size

5'8"     6'     6'4"

Step 4 -  Choose Lining


Step 5 -  Choose Keepsake 

English Made Coffins Book Shaped Coffin Nameplate
English Made Coffins Book Shaped Coffin Nameplate

Step 6  - Book Inscription


Order directly from us online through our shop, over the phone - 01568 620280

or by email - office@englishmadecoffins.co.uk

We will deliver to your chosen funeral service provider.

Alternatively you speak with your funeral director and allow them to contact us directly with your selection. 


Step 7  - Order online, by phone, by email or through your undertaker

How To Order

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