What We Did On Our Holiday

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer until the 4th September

This poignantly funny film challenges the viewer to approach death differently. Set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, with a great cast including David Tennant and the effortlessly funny Billy Connolly, this film gives you a beautifully honest depiction of how children have a much higher understanding of death and difficult situations around them than we often realise.

What We Did On Our Holiday' broaches difficult subjects that are all too often overlooked, including family disagreements that unfortunately can occur during times of grief and family illness. The connections between the grandchildren and their granddad is lovingly heart-warming, with their frank and un-tainted views on life bringing amusements and food for thought throughout.

The grandson's obsession with the Vikings and Norse mythology gives a brief insight into our European funeral history. What is lovely to see is how some of these customs still exist today, including being buried/ cremated with your prized possessions, and family and friends choosing to personalise their loved one's coffin with ornaments, however it's probably for the better that we have moved on from sacrificial livestock and weapons.

Despite the myths and historical inaccuracies of the exact rituals involved in Viking funeral ceremonies, the film's final message itself cannot go unmissed.

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