"The death of someone we love or the end of a relationship can put us in a position where our words remain forever unspoken. Or it can be that we're simply unable to say what we need to say the most to someone who is still around." Louise Winter, co-curater of the 'Life. Death. Whatever' exhibition.

The 'Life. Death. Whatever' exhibition, held last year in the National Trust's Sutton House in East London, was used as a way to encourage people to talk about death and the difficulties we face after the death of someone close to us. By giving visitors the opportunity to write messages to loved ones acts as a release - a self help method to the grieving process. Visitors to the exhibition were also encouraged to leave messages to people that may not have necessarily died but for whatever reason they couldn't say it to their face.

The #Unsaid project has grown out of the exhibition as an ongoing effort to get people talking about their fears and thoughts of death.

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