Serenity Funeral Services Open Day

On Saturday Will & Kyra visited Serenity Funeral Services, Swadlincote to support them on their official open day.

Joanne & Martin together with Mark & Leanne (pictured) were so welcoming and informative it was a pleasure to be a part of it. The whole team at Serenity took great care to ensure everyone was catered for and any questions were answered. The Birmingham bagpiper Allen Hillier entertained the guests and everyone was treated to the most delicious cake and endless teas & coffees. The effort put into making everyone feel welcome was wonderful to see.

Serenity have currently got an Oval Walnut Tree on show and Clare from Volkswagen Funerals kindly offered Ernie the VW Camper to display our coffin in. It was lovely to be given the opportunity to display our coffin in such a range of herses from Horse Drawn Occasions to Motorcycle Funerals. We really appreciate the kind words and support given towards English Made Coffins and we wish the whole team at Serenity the very best of luck in their new venture.

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