Week 2 of #MarchMeetTheMaker

Week 2 of #MarchMeetTheMaker

Day 8 • F L A T L A Y •

Flatlay is a bit more difficult when it comes to bigger products.....But we do like to give it a try :) #ForkliftFun

Day 9 • H O W I T' S M A D E •

The English Made Coffins Brochure

Step 1 • Select and mark the materials

Step 2 • Laminate & veneer

Step 3 • Trim to size

Step 4 • Machine leather spine recess

Step 5 • Engrave front & back cover of brochure

Step 6 • Apply clear lacquer

Step 7 • Press leather spine to front & back brochure covers

Step 8 • Apply gold dust decoration

Step 9 • Assemble & stitch in paper brochure

Step 10 • Stand back and admire :)

Day 10 • T I M E T O R E L A X •

I saw this in Scotland last year, reminds me of my last moments with my wife. It gives me comfort and I look at it when I get time to myself

Day 11 • B R A N D I N G •

The English Made Coffins brand represents good design and quality craftsmanship.

Our logo has been developed by our in-house design team. In recent months we have minimised our logo in order to ensure it is legible and recognisable when incorporating it into online marketing

Day 12 • P O S T A G E & P A C K A G I N G •

To ensure that every order arrives to you on time and to our exceptionally high standards of quality we deliver our coffins to you ourselves.This way we can limit the amount of packaging necessary, avoiding excessive packaging materials and large crates resulting in endless amounts of waste plastic. We also offer click & collect in person

Day 13 • W O R K C L O T H E S • Workwear amongst the EMC team usually consists of combat trousers of some description, with as many pockets as feasibly possible or a utility belt for Kyra as women's trousers tend to have ridiculously tiny pockets. Along with steel toe caps all round #SafetyFirst See Dan pictured spraying the gold dust finish in all of his safety gear. All of the lacquers we use are waterbased to ensure a safer working environment and to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

Day 14 • D R E A M S & P L A N S •

English Made Coffins was created to give families more of a choice. We want to offer families a special coffin, one that is both beautiful & well crafted. English Made Coffins are here to help make a really bad day a little bit easier, helping families to choose a truly special resting place that reflects their loved one's individuality. We care because we have been through the experience ourselves.

#Meetthemaker #MarchMeetTheMaker

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