Week 3 of #MarchMeetTheMaker

Week 3 of #MarchMeetTheMaker

Day 15 • B O O M E R A N G •

Mesmerised by the gold dust 😍

Also featuring our gold dust decoration & handcrafted leather-bound wooden brochure, with samples of the different timber species our coffins are available in. If you're interested in becoming a stockist of English Made Coffins email us today and we'll get a brochure sent out to you! office@englishmadecoffins.co.uk

Day 16 • H E L P E R (S) •

Kyra - Design Developer/Production Supervisor/Marketing Co-ordinator/Social Media Aficionado/Bod Organiser/Ginger Queen/Awesome Doer/Right Hand Gal.. A great helper to English Made Coffins Also a big thank you to Christine, Joe & Monica who have helped so much behind the scenes and who genuinely believe we are doing something good for families that need it.

Day 17 • C U S T O M E R S & F E E D B A C K •

We get some lovely comments from families that choose our coffins. They love the gold dusted keepsake butterflies and families often ask for a second book nameplate to keep in memory of their loved ones

Day 18 • I N S P I R A T I O N •

The initial inspiration for setting up English Made Coffins came from Will's struggle to find a coffin that represented the care, quality & design that is so very important at such a difficult time in one's life. We see the coffin as the last gift that you can give someone and it must be right for that person, it is so very important.

Day 19 • C A N ' T L I V E W I T H O U T •

Tea & Marmite Tea is prescribed intravenously throughout the day. Will is also a Marmite addict and needs regular doses to keep him in a happy place..

Day 20 • T O O L S & M A T E R I A L S •

We use real wood veneers to make our coffins; Fiddleback Maple, Black Walnut & European Oak. By using veneered boards we ensure that the majority of the tree is used more efficiently, 90% of it in fact, compared to solid wood coffins & caskets where typically only around 40% of the tree is used. All of our panels are certified by the PEFC & FSC ensuring only materials from well managed & sustainable forests are used.

Day 21 • S T O R I E S • A D A Y I N T H E L I F E •

It's been a busy week at English Made Coffins view our instagram account for our #MarchMeetTheMaker #ADayInTheLife highlights Here's just little snippet of a typical day in the EMC workshop

Search @englishmadecoffins on instagram to see our #ADayInTheLife story highlight

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