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"One day you too will bite the dust, Breathe your last, meet your maker. The rockstars, the rickshaw drivers, the drifters and deep-sea divers, One day we all up and die. Maybe we’d worry a little less about the future, If we all remembered this one simple fact, When you cash in your chips, or turn up your toes, When your number is up... How do you want to be remembered? Because though you can’t live forever, you can create something that will, So when it comes to dying - Live a little. Whether you want to put the fun back into funeral, Or go west with a hymn from the heart, Make your ending your own. And when you have embraced the inevitable, All you really need to fear is a life unlived. So love life or die trying, but whatever you do, explore, inspire, plan and share to make sure it’s a story that is uniquely yours to tell."

Check out all the bucket list & funeral ideas here: https://www.huunuu.com

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