Appreciating all things Fiddleback!

At English Made Coffins we aim to make the coffin as un-daunting and un-creepy as possible. Instead of disguising it under flowers or pictures we have tried to tackle it head on by re-designing the coffin shape and the conventional colours/finishes that you find a traditional "toe-pincher" shaped coffin.

The grain patterning found in Fiddleback Maple is very beautiful, and almost needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The opalescent striping and wonderfully warm & light colour makes it a very special alternative to oak or ash coffins & caskets. The warm gold dust detailing on the base & top mouldings emphasise the almost metallic sheen in the grain. The whole coffin is finished with a satin sheen, water-based lacquer, avoiding the highly polished traditional "coffin" varnish, instead our lacquers give the wood a more natural feel.

Choosing a coffin will never be easy, especially if you are having to choose on behalf of someone else. Everyone is different, everyone has their own personality and preferences. Every English Made Coffin is personalised with your choice of lining colour, gold dust decorations, keepsake butterflies & a personalised book-shaped nameplate. The book now incorporates blank pages behind the inscription, giving family & friends the opportunity to hand-write any message they would like on the day.

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