Symbolism behind our gold dust decorations

Hand-finished gold dust decorations can be used to adorn the coffins – These are positioned either on the lid by the book or on the coffin side by the foot or the head.

We offer a choice of elephants, feathers & butterflies, however if you have any particular request please do not hesitate to ask. These delicate decorations can sometimes help to soften what can be a very daunting object.


Elephants are symbolic of strength, honour and protection, with a strong connection to family. They are renowned for their compassionate characteristics and for being exuberantly expressive creatures, demonstrating emotions of love, joy, anger & grief.

Feathers are often seen as a sign of a loved one visiting you from a higher plane and an ascension to a better place. Feathers are also seen to symbolise different characteristics such as courage, bravery & travel.

Butterflies similarly share the association of a loved one being with you, as well as being strong symbolism of the soul and the process of bringing new life, be that spiritually or emotionally. In Native American Culture the butterfly is a symbol of transformation and happiness. Butterflies are an emblem in many cultures for letting go of fears, nurturing and healing.

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